MICROBIOME, the universe of bacteria, fungi, and viruses living in symbiotic relationship with all living creatures, is a rapidly emerging but complex target for manipulation to improve human, animal, and crop health and well-being. The myriad ways to diagnose and treat or improve dysbiotic states all involve innovations that need protection to enable sustainable commercial development of the microbiome-targeting applications. 

HGF MICROBIOME IP team focuses on advising innovators in therapeutic, diagnostic, nutraceutical, cosmetic and agricultural applications. We are well-versed in the challenges and opportunities for protecting and commercialising the whole spectrum of microbiome-related inventions including:

  • Bacterial - and phage-based therapeutics for gut, skin, cancer, and vaginal applications and delivery
  • Faecal matter transplantation (FMT)
  • Gut/brain axis treatments
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) microbiome products
  • Cosmetics
  • Prebiotics
  • Diagnostics and AI-based microbiome analysis
  • Formulation
  • Manufacturing processes

Having actively advised on a full-range of IP matters involving manipulation and analysis of microbiomes for over two decades, our understanding of the practical and commercially relevant considerations required to develop sound IP strategies in relation to MICROBIOME research and innovation have grown with the field itself. HGF now has one of the most experienced teams of this type in Europe. As we work with our clients and keep a close eye on the developing patent estates and ongoing disputes in this field, we are skilled at guiding companies operating in the area of microbiome therapeutics through the IP landscape to develop robust IP strategies, including IP protection, freedom to operate, licensing, opposition and litigation strategies.   

Our core MICROBIOME IP team includes four European Patent Attorneys, a U.S. Patent Attorney, and a Litigation Partner.

• Craig Thomson - Patent Attorney (EPO, UK, Ireland), Partner

• Dr Leena Contarino – Patent Attorney (U.S.), Partner

• Dr Claire Irvine - Patent Attorney (EPO, UK), Partner

• Dr Jennifer Bailey –  Patent Attorney (EPO, UK), Patent Director

• Dr Lauris Kemp – Senior Patent Attorney (EPO, UK),

• Rachel Fetches - IP Solicitor (UK), Partner

This team is backed by the larger team of over 70 Patent Attorneys and Solicitors across 6 European countries, who specialise in life sciences, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and plant sciences.

Our Team

As an integrated team of attorneys and solicitors we work together to advise on all aspects of IP development. Anyone wishing to know more about our Microbiome team, or the services we offer, please contact one of the Team members.



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