In the ever-evolving world of software, it can be challenging to know how to protect and enforce your business's intellectual property. HGF's specialist team of software attorneys combine an academic understanding of technology with expertise in IP law to offer in-depth, commercially-focused advice and strategy on software patenting. We are proud to assist our clients in protecting not only the implementation of their software, but its concept and idea as well - helping to achieve the best business outcomes.

Using a team-based approach, HGF will find the best attorney for your individual case and also the business to which it relates. Together with our sister team of specialist IP solicitors at HGF Law, we offer a complete range of services for software protection.

HGF has proven time and again the misconception that software cannot be patented, or that patenting it is a complex and arduous process. When software goes unpatented, the innovators and businesses behind it can lose out. Patenting isn't just a luxury for large corporations: we offer a complete suite of services for companies large and small, and can assist with your business's strategy through practices such as patent mapping, helping you to analyse the areas your competitors are developing in and prepare accordingly.

HGF specialises in the following areas: 

  • Wireless communications 
  • Operating systems
  • Image processing
  • Video compression
  • User interfaces

In recent years, high-profile protecting and defending your design rights cases such as Apple vs. Samsung have underlined just how important the issue of  IP rights has become and will continue to be. With the number of patents in the software sector expected to rise, it has never been more important to develop a solid IP strategy and ensure that your business's key innovations can be protected and enforced.

As well as IP protection and enforcement, HGF can conduct an audit of your business's registered and unregistered IP - helping to identify areas of strengths of weaknesses that can be used to inform your long-term strategy. We also provide non-patent services, including domain name registration, IP audits, brand management, IP litigation, licensing, anti-counterfeiting, watching services and much more. Working with HGF means you benefit from the experience of our senior attorneys, many of whom have both degrees and postgraduate qualifications in electronics and other high-technology areas of specialisation.

Our Team

HGF's software team is led by Harry Hutchinson, who trained as a patent attorney at one of the world's leading suppliers of computer hardware and software. The team has prosecuted and advised on patents spanning the full panoply of software such as to graphics processing, computer algorithms, communications technology, mathematical methods and more. Together, the team brings expertise and a passion for software to all our clients' business. 

To contact the computing and software team, send an e-mail to for more information and advice.

Our clients

HGF provides services for major software companies such as chipmakers, computer and electronics manufacturers, as well as working with smaller developers and companies in many different areas of software. If you would like to know more about our experience in software, please contact

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