The constant pace of innovation in the automotive industry makes it vital for developers and manufacturers to protect their brands, ideas and inventions. HGF offers expert intellectual property advice and services within the automotive sector, with strong experience of handling large portfolios for corporate clients, as well as expanding small businesses and start-ups. Our experience in a diverse range of automotive markets makes us ideally suited for all IP needs in the sector, large and small.

Our team of automotive specialists are ready to put their knowledge in engineering, electronics, materials, brand protection and design rights to work in protecting your inventions, brands and designs, and shaping your IP strategy. Working with our sister firm of IP solicitors, HGF offers unrivalled expertise in the automotive sector.

HGF's commercial approach to IP management means we are perfectly placed to offer advice and strategies that deliver the best business outcomes for our clients in the automotive sector. With expertise in litigation, technology transfer and IP law, our team is bolstered by technical knowledge of a variety of fields in the industry, including fuel technology, engine systems and structural design.

Core areas of expertise include:

  • Automotive and transport              
  • Structural design of vehicles
  • Engine technology and components powertrain, transmissions
  • Vehicle safety (passive & active), vision systems and sensors
  • Braking systems
  • Bicycle components (e.g. gears and brakes)
  • Articulated vehicles
  • Motorcycle parts and accessories
  • Cycles
  • Engines, including rotary engines
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Automotive engine parts (e.g.engine bearings, pistons, cam shafts, valve train systems)
  • Maglev train systems
  • Automotive interiors
  • Automotive sensors
  • Trailers

With new advances in fuel cells, engine architecture and vehicle automation occurring every day, it's never been more important to ensure your intellectual property is protected and enforced. As well as providing these services, HGF can undertake an audit of your business's registered and unregistered intellectual property. This allows your business to identify areas of weakness and take action when necessary, as well as highlighting new opportunities. We also provide non-patent services that support your objectives, including internet and domain name registration.

At HGF, we're proud of our policy of employing senior attorneys who have degrees and postgraduate qualifications in disciplines that are relevant to their practice. Our attorneys are not just experienced in their field - they have a real passion for the academic aspect of their practice too, and many have worked in educational and research institutions as well as for major companies. This means HGF's professionals stay informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in the automotive sector: they're as passionate about innovation as you are.

Our Team

HGF's automotive team has intellectual property professionals from an array of academic backgrounds, including chemistry and engineering. Our team-based approach ensures our clients benefit from the very best strategic advice from people who understand not only the legal environment, but also the practical and theoretical side of their business. 

To contact the automotive team, send an e-mail to for more information and advice. 

Our clients

HGF provides tailored intellectual property services to clients in the automotive industry around the world, ranging from major manufacturers to the individuals who innovate in the sector.

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