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HGF Retail Webinars: Exhaustion of rights

January 2022

Event date: 22nd March 2022

HGF is holding a series of webinars this Spring, covering three different topics:

  • Upcycling, recycling and resale: the impact on fashion and fashion retail
  • Exhaustion of rights: will the UK introduce an international exhaustion of rights regime and what is its impact of retail?
  • The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and its impact on retailers and fashion

The second webinar in this series was Exhaustion of rights: will the UK introduce an international exhaustion of rights regime and what is its impact on retail?

Brexit potentially allows the UK to break free on the old ‘fortress Europe’ exhaustion of rights regime. Brexit has already caused an imbalance in the regimes followed by the United Kingdom and European Economic Area. The UK government has put the question of what exhaustion of rights regime the UK will follow out to consultation. The result is in! Will the status quo be maintained? If so, is there any prospect we will have national exhaustion of rights (the worst result for retailers but the best for brand owners) or in the near to long term follow an international exhaustion of rights regime (a boost for retailers but the worst case scenario for brand owners)?

Our webinar discussed all these options and their likelihood and impact on retail and how potentially one can deal with each scenario.

Speakers: Lee Curtis, HGF’s Partner and Trade Mark Attorney and Rebecca Field, HGF’s Trade Mark Director

Watch the webinar below: 


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