Dr Jennifer Uno


Dr Jennifer Uno

What first attracted you to a career at HGF?
I was working in London at the time and had heard about this relatively new, up and coming firm that was doing particularly well in the North of England, and expanding rapidly. I happened to want to move up North at the time, and quickly realised that HGF was the leading option by far.

What opportunities for progression and development have you had since you joined the Firm? 
I have received many opportunities for progression since joining HGF. I finished all my exams (UK and European patent attorney), I have been entrusted with responsibility as client manager for a number of very large UK clients, and I have been given the role of Japan coordinator to monitor and nurture our business with Japan. I have now also moved into the role of training new members, both with their patent exams and with learning the business as a whole.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of your role at HGF?
Being at the forefront of new technological advances, and working as a team with clients that are both intelligent and business minded.

What makes you stay at HGF?
Good colleagues and good clients.

If you had to describe working for HGF in just three words, what would they be?
Enjoyable, mentally exerting !