Iain Armstrong


Iain Armstrong

What first attracted you to a career at HGF?

The Firm’s growing profile and reputation. Having been at a very large firm that seemed to have nowhere left to go, it was an exciting prospect to be joining a firm that was so obviously on the rise.

What opportunities for progression and development have you had since you joined the Firm? 
HGF offers a good chance to influence how your own career develops.  I’ve had lots of help with business development, and the opportunity to sell HGF to new and existing clients.  I’ve also been supported in becoming involved with CIPA.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of your role at HGF?
I enjoy the challenge of getting up to speed with inventions at the leading edge of technology.  There’s also a lot of enjoyment in trying to find the right way to protect the invention, and then in seeing this pay off when an Examiner accepts your arguments or amendments.  Obtaining good IP can be really important to your client’s business.  Life science products frequently have a very long route to market, so for a long time the IP can be one of the client’s most valuable assets.

What makes you stay at HGF?
The firm is continuing to expand in an exciting way.  I want to remain part of that, and contribute to it.

If you had to describe working for HGF in just three words, what would they be?
Challenging, exciting, rewarding.