Professional Training

At HGF we want to make sure you're always developing your career while you work with us, and we strive to help you achieve this in a number of ways, from networking and training events to annual seminars. We also offer a dedicated training budget for all trainees starting a career with us as Professionals or Support Staff, which can be used in flexible ways to advance their academic and professional credentials to full qualification and beyond.

Professional Training and Development

Professionals each have an individual training budget to use as they see fit to support professional qualifications. Provision of this budget allows our staff to make their own decisions regarding their training and study options according to their own individual needs.

Every trainee has a supervising partner to mentor and guide them through the qualification process. During and post qualification, development of client handling, presentation and marketing skills are supported through a range of personal development programmes.

HGF and HGF Law Annual CPD Conference

Each year HGF holds a Continual Professional Developments (CPD) conference, giving professionals within the Firm an opportunity to meet colleagues from other offices and share ideas about the industry we work in. It's also a chance to boost your CPD requirements - and it's a lot of fun for the whole HGF team!

Support Staff Development

HGF assigns a dedicated annual training budget to further the development of a range of job skills for our support staff. We have an appraisal system to identify training needs across the firm, allowing us to work on skills development as well as supporting developing industry qualifications.