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IP Ingredients Blog, Parts 1-10

March 2024

Welcome to our new blog series, IP Ingredients, created by our Food & Drink Team. This blog will explore the latest IP news, updates, and discussions in the food & drink sector.

Understanding how intellectual property is relevant to your food or drink company, and how to leverage different IP rights for business success can be tricky.

To help you untangle some of these issues, HGF attorneys Jennifer Bailey and Tanya Waller, together with other members of HGF’s Food & Drink team, are launching a new series of articles, “IP Ingredients”, which provides an introduction to IP in the food and drink field as well as giving lots of practical advice.

Part 1: Can you patent a recipe?

In the first edition of the series, “Can you patent a recipe?”, we consider what an invention is, and how to spot potential inventions in your research that could lead to valuable IP.

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Part 2: Sippin’ Success with Trade Marks

In the second edition of this series, “Sippin’ Success with trade Marks” , we discuss how trade marks play a vital role in safeguarding a brand’s identity.

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Part 3: An Appetite for Designs

In the third edition of this series, “An Appetite for Designs” , we discuss Registered Designs.

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Part 4: Why should I care about copyright?

In the fourth edition of this series, “Why should I care about copyright?” ,  we discuss how copyright may not be a core IP asset of your business, it’s still worth having an understanding of where rights may subsist.

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Part 5: New Year’s Resolutions

In the fifth edition of this series, “New Year’s Resolution’s” ,  this edition is about businesses reflect on their strategies, including whether their IP portfolio is in good shape.

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Part 6: Geographical Indications: “What’s in a [place] name?”

In the sixth edition of this series, “Geographical Indications: “What’s in a [place] name?” , we discuss Geographical indications.

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Part 7: Data in food and beverage patent applications – Why, What, & How much?

In the seventh edition of this series, “Data in food and beverage patent applications – Why, What, & How much?” , we discuss why, what and how do you get data for your food or beverage patent application.

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Part 9: Protecting a food or drink manufacturing process

In the ninth edition of this series, “Protecting a food or drink manufacturing process” , we discuss how you can patent a process.

Part 10: Coffee Corner with SeaGrown – Harvesting success in seaweed farming

In the tenth edition of this series, “Coffee Corner with SeaGrown – Harvesting success in seaweed farming” , we discuss how Wave and Laura set up their business ‘SeaGrown’

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