Dr Mark Kelly

Trainee Patent Attorney

Mark graduated in 2012 with an MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. He then stayed on to complete a PhD studying the blast response of composite materials. Before joining HGF in 2018, Mark has worked in the oil and gas industry as a field engineer and as a shock and dynamics engineer in the shipbuilding industry.

Prior to joining HGF Mark worked in the naval shipbuilding industry and was responsible for the development of bespoke dynamics calculation techniques. This was predominantly for journal bearings subjected to shock loading but encompassed other areas of fluid-structure interaction. Whilst in this role, Mark was awarded chartership with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

Before this Mark worked in the oil and gas industry as a field engineer, specialising in the uncertainty of wellbore placement during coiled tubing directional drilling. As a field engineer Mark spent time working on an onshore oil rig in the USA and was responsible for the quality assurance of downhole measurements.

Mark’s PhD was sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and considered the air and underwater blast response of sandwich composite materials. Mark designed and implemented characterisation tests for polymeric foam materials and organised full-scale blast testing of large composite panels. He used these experiments to validate finite element simulation methods for use in naval vessel design, specifically for surface ship hulls.

During his undergraduate degree Mark spent two summers working in industry. The first of these placements was in the oil and gas industry, designing test apparatus for offshore welding equipment. The second placement was in the power generation industry, where he developed uncertainty calculations for creep measurements on high pressure steam pipes. During his degree, Mark was also part of a team which designed and built an electric motorcycle which raced in the Isle of Man TT road race.