Dr Janine Swarbrick

Senior Patent Attorney

Janine's day to day work focuses on drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the fields of physics and computing.

She has extensive experience of helping clients (from local clients to multinational companies) to protect inventions relating to telecommunications including user interfaces, network communications and messaging schemes, navigation systems, computer-based systems and software, nanotechnology and semiconductors. She is also experienced in working with clients to manage their international patent portfolios, for example across the USA, Europe, China and Japan.

Janine graduated from Nottingham University in 2003 with a first class Masters degree in Physics, where she was awarded the Salmon Prize for Experimental Physics in her final year. She stayed at Nottingham University to obtain her PhD in Nanoscience in 2006, which focussed on understanding the self assembly of hydrogen-bonded molecular nanostructures on technologicaly relevant surfaces. 

Janine then moved to Grenoble, France, to work at the European Synchrotron Research Facility, where she studied organnometallic complexes using hard X-ray spectroscopy. She also worked with research groups worldwide to perform synchrotron experiments in the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy and geology. She has published over 20 journal articles on her research and through collaborations.

Janine qualified as a Chartered and European Patent Attorney in 2017, and joined HGF in 2018.