James Doran

Patent Attorney

James joined HGF in December 2014 to train as a Patent Attorney. He graduated from the University of Manchester in the UK in 2008 with a first class Master’s Degree in Chemistry.  Since graduating James has worked in Research and Development roles within the Medical Device Industry.

James’ degree provides him with a broad knowledge of a variety of topics in chemistry, including organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, radiochemistry and medicinal chemistry. James' Master’s research project focused on the synthesis and characterisation of new compounds for use as contrast agents in MRI scans. 

James has over 5 years’ industrial experience working for a major medical device manufacturer, with the responsibility of developing new and improved surgical glove products. James has contributed to a variety of research projects, ranging from relatively simple formulation changes to the development of innovative manufacturing processes. James has also led one particular project for several years, working in collaboration with a major University’s Chemistry Department.

James' experience in industry has allowed James to develop further knowledge of rubber and polymer chemistry, as well as an understanding of some of the marketing and regulatory issues involved with the development of new medical devices.