Heather Abulafia

Trainee Patent Attorney

Heather joined HGF in February 2020 as a Trainee Patent Attorney. She specialises in Medical Devices and is experienced in Australian Patent Law.

Prior to joining HGF, Heather worked for IP Australia (the Australian patent office) for over three years as a Patent Examiner. In this role, she searched and examined patents for medical devices, chemical engineering and mixed mechanical technologies. Heather was involved in several projects at IP Australia including investigating the use of artificial intelligence to support patent examination, providing subject matter expert support for the development of new systems and delivering training for these systems, and implementing a leadership program for Patent Examiners. She also gained valuable experience as an acting Senior Examiner, leading a team of Patent Examiners in chemical engineering technologies.

Heather studied patent law, designs law and trade mark law at the University of Technology Sydney. She has gained an extensive knowledge of Australian patent law through her work as a Patent Examiner and her studies in Australia.

Heather graduated from The University of Sydney in 2015 with a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (Honours) with a mechanical engineering major. Her honours research project focused on designing hydrogel models to test the effect of brain tissue rigidity on the migration of brain cancer cells. In her final year of her degree and after graduating she gained experience working with assistive technologies and respiratory devices.

Heather specialises in medical technologies including respiratory devices, orthopaedic implants, bionic implants, surgical tools, dental implants and biomaterials.