Dr Vincent van der Mark

Trainee Patent Attorney

Vincent joined HGF’s The Hague office in October 2019 to train as a patent attorney within the Chemistry team. He has broad expertise in scientific research and its commercialization through his experiences in academia, venture capital and technology transfer.

Vincent graduated with a MSc degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Amsterdam, where he also obtained a PhD in Biochemistry. His doctoral research focussed on the phospholipid flippase ATP8B1 and its role in intracellular trafficking. This work resulted in three first-authored experimental publications in highly-ranked scientific journals.

Following this Vincent continued to work in academia as a post-doctoral researcher in the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. With advice from the pharmaceutical industry he developed and studied several cell culture systems that can act as models for drug metabolism and toxicity testing. In addition, he became the main inventor on a patent application for a new improved liver cell line with potential to be used in a bio-artificial liver system.

Vincent went on to work as an analyst in the Healthcare team of M Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Merck KGaA, where he performed initial due diligence on technical, commercial and patented features of new investment proposals in the fields of (immuno-)oncology and immunology.

Prior to joining HGF, Vincent worked in the technology transfer office of the University of Leiden, specifically at the Leiden University Medical Center. Here he scouted for new (patentable) inventions, managed IP, performed business development, advised on start-ups and investments, and executed licence agreements and other related commercial agreements. During this time he came into contact with many new technologies, for example various medical devices, diagnostic methods, software applications, antibodies, and cancer neoepitopes.