Dr Mike Holmes

Patent Director

Mike is a talented and experienced patent attorney (chemistry and pharmaceutical specialist), whose sharp strategic focus and passion for business lends a generous commercial edge to the legal services he offers.  He has drafted and prosecuted numerous patent applications, and has managed many significant global patent portfolios on behalf of some of the world’s major industrial giants.  Mike frequently delivers legal opinions (e.g. freedom to operate, due diligence, and patentability) alongside cogent strategic advice to facilitate clients’ decision making at board and technical/operational levels.  He often works closely with HGF’s IP solicitors, both in litigation and contractual matters, as part of a full service IP team. 

Mike’s professional services are underpinned by his strong belief that patents, and indeed all IP rights, should not only serve the passive and defensive function of protecting profits, investment, and business interests, but should also actively aid generation of such profits and investment.  Sound IP asset management and complementarity between IP, business, and marketing strategies are often key drivers of success, and Mike will endeavour to fully understand a client’s business interests to ensure this happens. Mike also encourages a strong appreciation of the relevant IP landscape to help clients identify otherwise invisible commercial opportunities (e.g. licensing and foreign distribution channels) and mitigate financial and legal risks (e.g. tweaking product design to minimise IP infringement risks). 

Mike’s global commercial outlook coupled with his technical expertise and friendly, collaborative approach to client relationships has proved instrumental in the success of many of his clients’ businesses.  On several occasions Mike has helped either secure investment for or sell a client’s business through involvement during late-stage investment/acquisition negotiations.  Mike has therefore been privileged to be a partner in the innovation and commercialisation process for a variety of clients, including start-ups, University spin-outs, Universities, SMEs, and blue chip  multinationals, in a range of technical areas, including: pharmaceuticals, life science, healthcare, personal care, forensics, nuclear energy and decommissioning, fuel additives, detergents, surface coatings, semiconductors, medical devices, diagnostic kits/methods, automotive components, manufacturing apparatus and machinery.

Having previously served for nearly 5 years as a Principal Scientist and Project Leader at a major US corporation specialising in chemicals and life sciences, Mike has a thorough understanding of the realities of lab work and how to efficiently gather relevant material for a valuable chemical/pharmaceutical patent.  This experience also equipped him with an excellent understanding of the competitive forces prevailing within the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, and also a working knowledge of regulatory requirements and how these may impact on IP strategy.

Mike qualified as a UK and European Patent Attorney in 2010, whilst working for another firm of patent attorneys. In qualifying, Mike was awarded several prizes for achieving top marks in both his patent and trade mark exams.  Mike is also a fully qualified UK and European Trade Mark Attorney, with a wide range of experience handling various trade mark, design, and copyright matters.