Dr Markus Zoller


Markus handles prosecution and litigation cases in various areas of the life science field including biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacy or genetic engineering. In particular, he has experience in various fields like immunobiology, medical devices, protein chemistry and laboratory devices. Further, Markus assists clients in trademark and design matters.

The kind of clients Markus is working with ranges from single inventors to large-scale enterprises. Besides drafting of patent applications and prosecution Markus offers guidance to his clients in terms of patent portfolio management and litigation strategies.

Markus advises his clients in the field of trademark and design law.

Before starting in a large Munich patent law firm he worked in a patent law firm in New York City.

Markus holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree of Science in molecular Biotechnology at the Technical University in Munich. During his studies Markus worked at the University of Amsterdam and studied one semester at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. After three years of research at the Max-Planck Institute for Infectious Biology in Berlin he received his Doctor’s degree in the field of molecular biology, especially (auto) antibodies.

Markus is a Patentanwalt (German patent attorney), European patent attorney as well as European trademark and design attorney.