Dr Fiona Edwards

European Patent Attorney

Fiona has a wide range of practical experience and specialises in patents in the chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare fields. Fiona's experience includes provision of advice and drafting patent applications in relation to pharmaceuticals, colour chemicals, pigments, polymer chemistry, personal care products, chemical synthesis and processes as well as medical devices. Her clients range from universities and start-ups to multi-nationals. 

Fiona's specialist areas of patent practice are predominantly within the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical devices and healthcare spheres, and she also brings her wide-ranging practical experience to bear for clients with innovative technologies in other areas including chemical engineering, physics as well as in relation to registered designs for new products. 

With extensive practical patent experience gained from 24 years in practice both at HGF and previously in industry, Fiona brings a customer-focussed approach to her work. Her practice is predominantly related to the chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare fields and specifically includes pharmaceuticals, colour chemicals and pigments, polymer chemistry, chemical synthesis and processes, as well as formulations for personal care products, and also medical devices. Her clients range from UK start-up companies and SMEs, to world leading universities and multi-national organisations with substantial patent portfolios. Prior to joining HGF, Fiona worked in industry for 18 years, initially in research before qualifying as a patent attorney. Whilst working in the patent department of a global pharmaceutical company she was responsible for managing the patent portfolios for both marketplace pharmaceutical products and a range of high-value development drug compounds as well as provision of advice and delivery of protection and patent filing strategies for a variety of both commercial products as well as development projects, including pharmaceutical formulations and delivery systems, and combination therapies and new therapeutic uses for pharmaceutical products. 

Fiona provides advice in relation to management of patent portfolio matters, opinions on Freedom-to-Operate, IP Audits and IP Due Diligence, as well as working with her clients to draft, file and prosecute their patent applications. Fiona has a business-centred approach which drives her to provide patent applications aligned to the core commercial goals of her clients. Her experience in working with clients across a wide-spectrum enables her to deliver targeted patent advice relating to portfolio management which is tailored to the individual needs of her clients.

She obtained her BSc and PhD from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland before entering the patent profession. Fiona's doctoral thesis was directed to developing morphine-analogues having pharmaceutical potential. 

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