Will a UP save me money?

Many of the costs of the UP process are still unknown.

It has widely been reported that the UP will save money for applicants in translation costs, validation costs and patent office fees. Some figures have quoted a saving of as much as 80%. We think this is an over-estimation, as these figures are based on applicants validating their EP application in a higher-than-average number of EPC states. Until the actual costs of the UP and its renewal fees are known, it is not possible to know if a UP will save patent applicants money.  Agreement reached on the distribution of renewal fees in respect of Unitary Patents - November 2015

In terms of litigation there are unlikely to be substantial cost savings compared to existing litigation routes. In the UK, SMEs can currently use the cost effective Patents County Court, which will not be available for UPs or classical EPs that have not been opted out for the transitional period.