What's the latest on the UP and UPC?

Follow the links below for the latest news from HGF on the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court:

 The UPC to be operational by December 2017 - January 2017

UK signs the UPC Protocol on Privilege and Immunities - December 2016

UK to Ratify UPC Agreement - November 2016

UK – ratifying the UPC – could we, should we? - September 2016

Netherlands – 11th State to Ratify UPC Agreement - September 2016

UPC - 10 down; 3 to go... - June 2016

The Unified Patent Court: the future cost of patent litigation in Europe - May 2016

Would Brexit mean the end of the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court? - May 2016

Preparing for change: a new type of patent for Europe - May 2016

Preparing for change: The UPC opt-out decision - April 2016

UPC Case Management - bulk opt-out - March 2016

UK Parliament Approves UP & UPC Draft Legislation - March 2016

No Official Fee to Opt Out of the UPC – confirmed - February 2016

A closer look at the UPC central division - February 2016

9th UPC Ratification – could the UK be next? - February 2016

SPCs and Unitary Patents - December 2015

Agreement reached on the distribution of renewal fees in respect of Unitary Patents - November 2015

UPC Rules Of Procedure Finalised - November 2015

The Unitary Patent gets more unified - October 2015

 Italy to Join Unitary Patent - July 2015

Unitary Patent Renewal Fees – EPO adopts lowest proposed fees - June 2015

2016 for the first Unitary Patents? - May 2015

UPC – Preparatory Committee Proposes Court Fees - May 2015

ECJ Clears the Way for the Unitary Patent - May 2015 

Unitary Patent Renewal Fees – Proposed Figures Revealed - March 2015

Test Driving the UPC Case Management Software - November 2014

Green Light from AG Bot for Unitary Patent in Europe - November 2014

17th Draft Rules of Procedure of the UPC - November 2014

Testers wanted - UPC prototype e-filing/case management test system goes live - October 2014

AG Opinion on the Spanish Challenge to the UPC - Delayed October 2014

Unified Patent Court - New Expert panel and Updated Road Map September 2014

Ireland to vote on the Unitary Patent in 2015 August 2014 

Latest on the Spanish Challenge to the Unitary Patent for Europe July 2014

5th Member State to Ratify the UPC Agreement - Denmark June 2014

Belgium - 4th to Ratify the UPC Agreement June 2014

Sweden Deposits Instrument of Ratification for UPC Agreement June 2014

2 steps forward, 1 step back – are we really any closer to the first Unitary Patent?   May 2014

"Yes" vote in Denmark's referendum on Unified Patent Court May 2014

Intellectual Property Act 2014 – are we really one step closer to a Unified Patent Court?  May 2014

“And then there were 4…" Progress towards a Unitary Patent for Europe  May 2014

The Unitary Patent Package - 1 year on... March 2014