Blockchain and counterfeit goods

How can blockchain be useful for retail industry?

Blockchain is still a buzzword but how can it help in the business of combatting the problem of counterfeit goods?

Brand evolution in the time of anti-racism protests

Steps to take during a rebranding exercise

George Floyd’s death and subsequent anti-racism protests have pushed the corporate world to take various actions to address the issue of racial inequality.

Battle of the beers called off

Lidl and Grolsch settle their trade mark conflict

Recently it was announced that Lidl, the German discount supermarket, and Dutch beer brewer Grolsch settled their trade mark conflict that arose two years ago, and all that time stirred the emotions in at the least the Dutch IP community.

A very modern Instagram tale

Missguided and Kim Kardashian West

It is often difficult as a fast fashion company to strike that balance between being “on trend” and not falling foul legally of copying “a look”. Missguided unfortunately met their match in Kim Kardashian-West (KKW) after they tagged her looks on Instagram.

Rough times for Oktoberfest

The City of Munich tries to protect its iconic festival

Times are rough with Covid-19 leading to the cancellation of this year’s famous Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich and yet another (partial) defeat in terms of the application of a word mark “Oktoberfest” as a European Union Trademark (No. 15535008).

The skin we don't live in

Leather alternatives changing the future of sustainable fashion

Veganism has surged in popularity in recent years, with more than 600,000 self -described vegans in the United Kingdom as of 2018, up from 150,000 in 2006. Now attention is turning from plates to wardrobes and with it, the search for sustainable alternatives to leather.


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In 2020, HGF will be delivering its 8th Annual IP in Retail Conference differently. We have put together an agenda which considers topical IP issues encountered by in-house counsel for retailers and fashion brands and have planned a programme of 15 webinars, giving delegates the opportunity to select those topics of particular interest to them.

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