How to protect a non-traditional trade mark

The Zippo case reinforces the importance of partnering with marketing teams to ensure that distinctive assets are not only identified but are being proactively used to build consumer recognition.

BIG MAC’s beef with Supermac’s continues...

What is genuine use?

Much has been made of this dispute, both in legal reports and the media at large.

Influencers – where are we now?

An update on ASA guidelines

If you are a brand owner, using influencers on social media can be a valuable strategy for enhancing the profile of your brand, products and services.

Artificial intelligence is changing retail, will it change trade mark law?

A look at things to come as technology evolves

Most retailers accept that the future of retail lies to a degree in artificial intelligence, whether that be improved efficiencies in supply chain, better prediction of consumer trends, or improved consumer interaction.

Sensory copyright – the smell of success and the taste of failure

Can copyright stop the copycats?

Human senses are fundamental to everyday life; it therefore naturally follows that there is significant commercial value to be gained through appealing to these senses.

IP in Retail Conference 2019 Leeds 24th September and London 1st October

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We have had a great response to our seventh annual IP in Retail Conference so far. In IP in Retail 2019 we consider the IP dimension of current trends and issues in the sector. This full-day event looks set to be lively and engaging.


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Our groups are designed to bring together those in the fashion, cosmetics, accessories and luxury goods market who are interested in the legal side of branding and design. Join our 7,000+ strong membership delivering IP updates and news of interest to the retail, fashion, and consumer industries.

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IP in Retail

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In 2020, HGF will be delivering its 8th Annual IP in Retail Conference differently. We have put together an agenda which considers topical IP issues encountered by in-house counsel for retailers and fashion brands and have planned a programme of 15 webinars, giving delegates the opportunity to select those topics of particular interest to them.

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