A shape or colour mark?

The latest on the Christian Louboutin red sole trade mark

The Christian Louboutin red sole trade mark is one of the most well-known "non-traditional" trade marks. Is it a valid registration? This issue has now been considered by the CJEU.

Paying the price of a blocking order

Brand owners will need to pay to block access to websites selling counterfeit products

Not often do we see Supreme Court decisions which have an impact on retailers. However, this month the Supreme Court clarified that if brand owners want to obtain a court order to force Internet Service Providers to block access to websites, they need to cover the cost of implementing the injunction.

A win for luxury brands

Luxury brands can control sales over third party websites

The CJEU has decided that in the context of a selective distribution arrangement for luxury goods, it is not anti-competitive for a brand owner to place restrictions which prevent sale of their goods on third party websites.

Trade Mark use in China

Has the east wind finally brought certainty?

If goods are manufactured in China to be exported and sold into other markets can this amount to trade mark infringement? It looks like we may finally have an answer to this question which brings more certainty to brands that rely on Chinese manufacturers.

Showing your ethical credentials

Can use be made of certification marks to promote your ethical standards?

Ethical spending is at an all-time high. How can marks which show compliance or endorsement of ethical standards be protected and maintained? We explore whether certification marks provide a solution.

GDPR is here!

Have you made the necessary changes?

We may all breathe a sigh of relief that the 25th May has come and gone. However ensuring compliance with the GDPR is an ongoing project – have you got a plan?


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