Whether improving an existing system/platform or developing a new one, software projects can, and often do, raise a number of risks and require input from a legal perspective to avoid potential overspend or being left with an unsatisfactory results. Whatever development model is used, having a clearly set out endpoint needs to be balanced with sufficient flexibility.

In this module we will look at key terms around responsibilities, deliverables, rights to intellectual property, acceptance, liability, services and exit. We will also discuss the balance of risk between on-site and hosted solutions in a session which is designed to demystify what is sometimes a challenging area of practice.

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Thursday 28th January

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Trading in, from & through China

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In this module we will consider these issues and suggest solutions allowing you to apply and determine how Chinese case law on OEM use impacts on your global supply chains, as well as your ability to sell your branded products to Chinese consumers. We will touch on the use and registration of brand names in Chinese characters, transliterations of trade marks and the use of nicknames of brands and their registration by Chinese consumers which are all important components in the use of brands in China.

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