Inevitably issues will arise across all areas of your business from the inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information through to the handling of customer complaints, public exposure, manufacturing problems, product recall or even dawn raids. Whilst some risks can be avoided, it is quite often the inappropriate handling of situations and panic responses made by a business that can cause the greatest damage. With over 12 years’ experience working in-house directly with business teams and functions, Michelle talks through her insights and the practical steps she has seen work most effectively.

In this module we will discuss what steps can be taken as a matter of good business practice to prevent or minimise your business’ risk and exposure which can be as simple as training staff on how best to create and share internal or external communications or on how to initiate and run an ‘issue management team’ most effectively.

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Debating designs

Tuesday 24th November

In this module we will provide an overview of unregistered rights in the UK and Europe, highlight areas of change (recent decisions such as Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company v PMS and Cofomel v G-Star Raw confirm the constantly evolving nature of design law) and analyse whether there should now be more of an emphasis on obtaining registered protection.

Logo Law

Thursday 7th january

In this module we will provide knowledge of the particular law and principles applicable to the comparison of logo marks. This knowledge will be crucial to marketing teams when developing a new logo allowing them to assess conflicts with prior logos. The session will also assist legal teams when assessing the merits of infringement claims against third parties for use of potentially similar logos.

E-commerce – getting your website documents right

Thursday 28th January

In this module we will help you understand the issues involved in putting together appropriate Terms of Use, the Consumer Rights Act’s impact on your Terms of Sale, and the thought process required to develop an appropriate Data Protection Policy/ Notice, which will help you to manage the legal issues that arise in e-commerce.