This session examines the provisions of the Advertising Standards Authority codes which relate to the health sector.

The Advertising Standards Authority exerts close control over advertising in connection with medical devices, health-related products and beauty products. Accordingly, compliant advertising in the UK requires that the provisions of the ASA Code are considered in conjunction with to the regulations relating to advertising contained within The Human Medicines Regulations 2012. Some of the ASA’s healthcare regulations have received particular prominence this year in the light of a number of rulings relating to COVID-related products but, in fact, the relevant provisions of the ASA code have long been actively enforced.

Health, beauty and slimming claims are the subject of particular scrutiny. A common challenge for those advertising in this field is ensuring that they hold adequate substantiation for claims, the substantiation for which can vary according to both the nature of the product which is the subject of the ad (is it a CE Marked medical device, for example?) and the claims which are being made about it.

This session considers a number of recent decisions in this area and offers practical advice on how to ensure advertising for those operating in the healthcare sector is compliant with the ASA’s codes.

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