The TARDIS of trade marks: time, space and strategy

Tuesday 2nd February

This session examines the trade mark factors that need to be considered if a product is to be launched urgently and concerning a product’s ‘space’ – where it sits in the market – and how they affect brand protection strategy.

Licence to bill

Tuesday 28th January

You license to monetise your technology. So, how can you ensure you receive those payments in full? Are licensees really dishonest? We will look at the provisions you should be including to protect yourself and more.

How could standard essential patents impact on digital health products?

9th February

In this session we will provide an overview of current developments in relation to SEPs and FRAND licences, identify the upcoming trends as FRAND licensing expands into healthcare and look at how different industry commercial practices are considered when it comes to issues such as what is a FRAND licence, a FRAND royalty rate and more.

Developing new anti-infective drugs: challenges and opportunities

11th February

We will discuss the challenges encountered in developing and commercialising new antibacterial drug compounds for treating drug-resistant pathogens, the opportunities provided by governmental initiatives to incentivise their development, how IP strategies can be optimised to respond to these challenges and opportunities and the very different challenges of developing anti-viral drugs in a post-Covid world.

Careful crafting and compliant claims; Advertising Standards Authority regulation in the health sector

23rd February

This session will examine the provisions of the Advertising Standards Authority codes which relate to the health sector. We will consider a number of recent decisions in this area and offer practical advice on how to ensure advertising for those operating in the healthcare sector is compliant with the ASA’s codes.

Plausibility, polymorphs and purity

25th February

Plausibility, polymorphs and purity have been recurring themes in the EPO’s Board of Appeal decisions. These topics can underpin a pharmaceutical company’s filing and life cycle management strategy. The EPO’s decisions have been mixed and, in the last year, the Boards have yet again pronounced on these topics in a number of decisions. We will review and discuss the key features of these decisions.


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