Ledger tech to help solve IP problems – Raconteur report in The Times

April 2018

As originally seen in ‘Ledger tech to help solve IP problems’ published by Raconteur media on Friday 20th April in The Times. 

While Brexit and the possibility of an escalating US-China trade war loom over business owners, the tangle of intellectual property (IP) rights presents more problems. The Intellectual Property special report, published in The Times, asks what the future holds for creatives and patent holders, and how advances in technology will shape IP law. 

Also featured are opportunities presented by blockchain in stamping out patent and copyright infringements, gender imbalance in patent applications and an expert take on why legislation must change to keep up with artificial intelligence in which Dr Richard Tatham, HGF Patent Attorney comments “The main benefit of blockchain is that it is distributed, accurate and immutable, so you can’t overwrite what is there.”

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