ITMA Trade Mark Figures Update

July 2014

Another year of unprecedented growth for the HGF Trade Marks Team

The HGF trade mark practice has continued to grow over the past year as evidenced by recent trade mark filing figures published by the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (‘ITMA’) and is now one of the largest trade mark practices in the United Kingdom and across the whole of the European Union.

For the year 2013, the ITMA figures published in the ITMA Review, showed that the trade marks team at HGF filed a total of 538 Community Trade Mark Registrations, ranking it second amongst all UK based trade mark filing practices and no doubt ranking the practice in the top ten of such practices across the entire European Union.  

The trade mark practice at HGF has experienced exceptional growth over past few years, acting for many of the leading brands in the United Kingdom and across the globe. The practice by number of trade mark attorneys is one of the largest in the UK with over twenty fully qualified trade mark attorneys based in offices across the UK, including London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow. The practice provides all services relating to the clearance, protection and enforcement of rights relating to trade marks.  The team is also supported by a dedicated team of IP solicitors.

David Potter, Head of Trade Marks at HGF commented: “The recent ITMA figures is concrete evidence that the trade mark practice at HGF is one of the largest in the United Kingdom, and indeed across the entire EU, and a practice which continues to grow despite its large size. We are experiencing growth across all offices in the UK and the growth in the trade marks team is based on client wins, both domestic and foreign, both direct and from foreign law firm associates, over a prolonged period of time, so that we act for many of the leading brands in the UK and globally.  Our practice is deepening both in size and quality. We do not anticipate any decline in the continued growth of the practice over the coming years.”