INTA Leadership Meeting 2016

November 2016

Hollywood, FL

Partners Jonathan Thurgood and Geoffrey Smith of HGF's London office are attending this year's INTA Leadership Meeting, which is being held in Hollywood, Florida from 15th-18th November 2016.

“The only constant is change” is a familiar saying, and it has never been more relevant than in 2016! We live in a time where technology, data, and social media are changing our lives at a furious pace. Gone are the days where the future was shaped in terms of years or months - the future is now, and we operate in a world where brands can be created - or damaged - in a matter of hours. Owners need to protect their intellectual property adequately in this era of immediacy.

The pace of change will be discussed in the context of forward-thinking IP issues that arise in the fast-growing craft beer industry and in the context of working with start-up companies and what happens as they emerge. You will also hear from a panel of millennials, who will speak to (or translate for the non-millennials) the change in legal practice and tools and teach the experienced professionals how we can adapt to their world. Other sessions will focus on more fundamental topics such as policing and enforcement, as well as an engaging mock negotiation.

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