The Future of Energy Conference and Exhibition

December 2015


HGF will be exhibiting and speaking at The Future of Energy Conference and Exhibition on the 4th December 2015 which will examine Government policy and the direction that the UK as a nation must take to ensure a secure and stable energy supply, whilst asking how we can create a variable energy mix that incorporates the latest technology to guarantee demand will be met.

Kieran Killough, Senior Patent Attorney of HGF's Manchester office will be attending The Future of Energy Conference and Exhibition which will be held at the AJ Bell Stadium, Salford on 4th December 2015.

The Future of Energy Conference and Exhibition conference will provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss and examine how the energy sector is addressing the key issues that it faces through greater investment and increased collaboration with the aim of ensuring that the UK and the rest of the world has a promising future. It will investigate the key initiatives and drivers and through discussion and debate aim to dissect what the future holds across the energy sector.

Oil and gas reserves are declining but the UK must have safe, secure and future-proof supplies of energy that are available to all. Through international relations and supporting the energy industry, the Government will ensure a continuous supply of energy for the UK. The Future of Energy Conference and Exhibition will discuss and debate how the UK can deliver a secure energy supply with a low carbon output, and how we can bring about the relevant investment to make this happen. Through a combination of high level keynotes and a number of leading case studies, delegates will hear a number of different perspectives and best practice case studies in regards to what the future of energy holds.