IP in Retail Conference 2015

November 2015

London and Leeds

Tuesday 17th November

The Barbican, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS

Thursday 26th November

HGF Limited, Belgrave Hall, Belgrave Street, LS2 8DD

Sofa Workshop, ASOS, (Tesco) Clubcard, Go Outdoors….The last year or so has seen huge change in the IP landscape for retailers.  Our 2015 IP in Retail Conference outlines the major developments over the last 15 months, discusses their implications and provides practical advice on dealing with them.

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See below for a brief outline of the subjects the conference will cover. Please click here to view the full programme.

How well is trade mark law adapting to the fast moving world of online retail? We shall consider what the state of play is in 2015 and look at some of this year’s cases which have flagged up the potential danger of remaining offline as well as the value of evidence of confusion gathered online.

Brand criticism and comment: where are the boundaries? How far is it legitimate for brands to be criticised, mocked and commented on by competitors and customers? What are the boundaries? What is the latest on sucks sites? We will also consider the appropriate way to respond to an attack on your brand.

Distinctiveness redefined. We consider the many recent developments of the law in this area – including the Tesco CLUBCARD decision as well as the recent Go Outdoors decision and Kit Kat case. We offer practical tips for helping turn inherently descriptive lead into the gold of a registerable and enforceable trade mark.

Social media tips for brand owners. We look at the new ways in which retailers are reaching out to consumers via Twitter, Instagram (including the use of celebrity #spons and bloggers) as well as brand focussed apps themselves. We also consider, once brands have made an impact on various social media platforms, how they can look to further protect and enforce any intellectual property rights that they have. We will advise on what may be worth protecting in such a fast moving arena and how this may be done.

All change for the CTM? We will provide a brief but practical update on the forthcoming changes to the Community Trade Mark Regulation and how this is likely to affect brand owners in the UK.

What’s the use of a trade mark without use? We will look at making genuine / sufficient use of a CTM, following the Sofa Workshop case, non-use periods, how the issue of “use” differs from country to county and the impact on asserting registered rights in infringement or opposition actions. We will also look at how to ensure the lifecycle of a registration and what practical steps can be taken to address the use problem.

Effective handling of damages claims in retail disputes. We examine the principles and issues in this often under-explored are of law and explain the key practical points for both claimant and defendant retailers who are negotiating (or litigating) damages. 

The criminal dimension to IP infringement. Drawing over 40 years’ experience in trading standards, Bryan Lewin MBE will consider IP enforcement from a trading standards perspective and provide insight into what they are doing in reality to support brand owners and tackle counterfeits.

Trends in design law. Whilst the benefits of Community Designs took some years to gain traction, they are now being much more widely used by retailers and suppliers to retail. We look at recent decisions by the European and UK courts, assessing their attitude over the last twelve months towards the validity and strength of protection the courts are willing to grant to designs. We also look at what other retail brands are doing to take advantage of the protection offered by the flexible and valuable right on offer.

To register for FREE please email Liz Renn or call +44(0) 113 233 0189.