The 2nd Biology Synthetic Congress

October 2015


The 2nd Synthetic Biology Congress, which will be held on 20th-21st October 2015 in London, UK. The event is set to be co-located with the 3rd qPCR and Digital PCR Congress and Microfluidics Congress

HGF Law Partner, Janet Knowles is speaking at this year's 2nd Sythetic Bilogy Congress.

Designed for experts working in genome engineering, technological developments, protein design, cell building, bio-manufacturing and gene editing, the Synthetic Biology Congress will examine the latest developments in these fields in both the healthcare and plant biology sectors. New to the conference will be the addition of a third stream, focusing on Investment, Start-Ups, Strategy and Bioethics, for those looking for investment opportunities and seeking to further exploit their research.
Synthetic biology is one of the most promising areas of modern science, with a wealth of potential for developments in healthcare and plant research. Consequently, investors and governments are constantly looking for new advances in the field and for companies to support. 

The conference will thus provide a timely interactive networking forum offering the opportunity to take home cutting edge research, strategies, methods and solutions to allow you to keep up to date with the latest advancements, novel methods and applications of Synthetic Biology within your field.