Medilink Ascend Networking – Innovation

July 2015


Vanessa Stainthorpe, Partner at HGF’s Sheffield office is a guest speaker at Medilink’s Ascend Networking event, Wednesday 1st July at the Holiday Inn, Barnsley from 6.00pm -7.30pm. 

Patents, trade marks, design rights and copyright can all be used to add value to a company by protecting its ideas.  But what are the differences between these rights and which is the most appropriate for you? Vanessa will present 'What is Intellectual Property?' outlining the key aspects of the main types of IP, comparing the cost, benefits and the steps required to put protection for the rights in place.

The Ascend Medilink Skills Programme – free training for the Healthcare Technology sector – is now offering a series of networking sessions at unique venues across Sheffield.

Each event will provide an opportunity for people to share business ideas, offer services and communicate experiences over from the Healthcare Technologies. Guest speakers will provide information in key areas of interest to the sector with the rest of the evening reserved for networking and exploring business opportunities. You can get more detail on the Ascend Medilink Skills Programme by visiting -

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