Socialising the Brand

Social Media & Reputation Management

June 2015


TIPLO dinners are not only a great way to network with your peers in the world of IP, but also a good opportunity to take clients to some of London's most prestigious legal venues for an evening of topical discussion and great food.

Partner Michael Varvill  and Trade Mark Director Joanna Lowther will be attending the next TIPLO event: Socialising the Brand - Social Media & Reputation Management to be held in London on 30th June 2015.

Marketing and digital media teams recognise the power of social media, but how do you ensure brands are safe and secure without killing the conversation?

  • Before going viral can you ensure you are not infringing IP?
  • Many brands take a knock from time to time but can social media offer brand salvation?
  • The friendly face of social media invites fraudulent activity, but can enforcement of the brand protect your customers

And what if things go wrong?

  • Dealing with trolls using civil & criminal law
  • Injunction strategies
  • Twitter & copyright infringement

A discussion of the business and external counsel perspectives our speakers will debate these important issues, strategies to harness the benefit and minimise the risk as well as how to deal with the worst case scenarios.