Innovisions 2014

December 2014


Innovisions 2014 is an interactive conference,  encouraging lively debate and participation  from  a diverse and specially invited audience

Dr Richard Williams, Partner of HGF's London office will be attending Innovisions 2014 which will be held at the Institute of Directors, London on 4th December 2014.

In a packed agenda, leading figures from business, education and Government will identify practices, models and policies that help to  differentiate the international trailblazers from the also-rans. The conference will also examine the challenges of stimulating  innovation across regions and in educational institutions.

Successful innovation is no accident: it is a highly disciplined  approach to people, performance and process. Innovisions 2014, NEF’s flagship annual conference and awards, is exploring how organisations can harness knowledge both internally and across  their supply chains, creating an environment that nurtures creativity in the classroom, workshop or boardroom.