Biomarker Utilisation & Commercialism

September 2014


Dr Richard Williams, Partner of HGF's London office will be speaking at the ACI Biomarker Utilisation and Commercialism Conference on 10th-11th September 2014 in London.

The use of biomarkers has become an important part of overall clinical development strategy for many pharmaceutical companies and CROs. The pathway from discovery to application in a commercially run clinical trial presents many scientific and administrative challenges. How is the value of a biomarker measured? What can be done to encourage more standardisation in biomarker development? How could a biomarker compromise the legitimacy of a clinical trial?       

The ACI Biomarker Utilisation & Commercialisation conference will explore the value of biomarkers from both a clinical and commercial perspective. The aim is to help end-users to develop a comprehensive strategy for biomarker discovery, development, application and analysis in clinical trials.

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