ABA Midyear Meeting

February 2014

Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago

The ABA Midyear Meeting will be helt at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago between 5th -11th February 2014. Chris Benson, Partner of HGF will be speaking at this year´s midyear meeting and Martyn Fish, Partner of HGF Law will also be attending this event.

The Midyear Meeting brings together more than 3,000 ABA members and their families. The volume of business that occurs during the Midyear Meeting is always impressive. In addition to the House of Delegates convening at the Midyear Meeting to review recommendations submitted by various members and entities of the Association, many Section and Association committees will also meet to plan new activities and programs. The Midyear Meeting also hosts the Nominating Committee of the House of Delegates, which nominates the Association’s Officers and members of the Board of Governors. The Fellows of the American Bar Foundation also holds its Annual Meeting during the ABA’s Midyear Meeting.