Managing the Pinch Point

December 2013

Manchester, London

A workshop on minimising cost and maximising outcome when handling IP problems. 

Most businesses believe that they will never get involved in an intellectual property dispute - until they do.

Many IP problems have a pinch point relatively early on - a short window of time when the application of the right approach and techniques can have a very significant impact on the outcome. Creative and structured management of a problem at this point can often result in a positive and inexpensive result. Conversely, if this is not done then, by the time that a detailed review is eventually undertaken, valuable time may have been lost, attractive options taken off the table and unnecessary costs incurred. 

This 2 hour workshop shows you how to take full advantage of that moment. 

Antony Gold is a well-known contentious intellectual property lawyer with many years´ experience of fighting cases and managing out problems. He is top-ranked by independent guides as a result of the large number of reported cases in which he has been successfully involved. In this interactive training workshop Antony:

  • explains the benefits of recognising the pinch point and of assessing issues and options at an early stage;
  • deals with the very specific issues which should be addressed in an IP dispute;
  • outlines the reasons why the form and content of correspondence exchanged before proceedings are brought is pivotal;
  • suggests ways which can be tried to manage out a problem without the need for litigation - discusses examples of how remedies can be lost through delay;
  • sets out many of the procedural options available to parties in an IP dispute and discusses the pros and cons of each one;
  • provides practical advice on the steps to take immediately a potentially significant problem has arisen.

Martyn Fish advises clients on all aspects of IP strategy and contentious matters. He has litigated IP cases in all the main forums in England for a wide range of clients. Funding considerations are often central to IP disputes and Martyn has developed a good knowledge of alternative ways of funding litigation and managing risk. In October 2013 he acted for the defendants in the first ever trial to be heard in the newly constituted Intellectual Property Enterprise Court. Martyn will be discussing:

  • selecting, controlling and getting the best from experts and counsel;
  • a quick guide to pre-emptive applications;
  • managing risk - strategies for avoiding being on the wrong end of an interim application;
  • funding options - conditional fee agreements and insurance issues; budgeting for litigation - controlling costs and budgets;
  • engineering and controlling the settlement process.

This workshop will be of interest to you if your or another´s intellectual property is relevant to your business and you need to know how to manage any problems which may arise.

This 2 hour breakfast workshop attracts 2 CPD points and is being held in 2 locations: 

London (LDN1) 
Venue: Royal Overseas League, Overseas House, Park Place, St James Street, London SW1A 1LR Date: Wednesday 27th November 2013 
Time: 8.00am until 10.30am 

Manchester (MAN2) 
Venue: St James, 61-95 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 6FQ 
Date: Wednesday 4th December 2013 
Time: 8.00am until 10.30am 

To book a place on any of the workshops, please email quoting location reference LDN1 for London and MAN2 for Manchester.