What would Scottish Independence mean for IP?

September 2014

On 18th September the people of Scotland will vote in a referendum to decide on whether to continue as part of the UK, or become an independent country.  Questions on currency, taxation and security have been hotly debated, but what about IP?  What would Scottish Independence mean for Intellectual Property Rights?

HGF have been monitoring the situation carefully and have submitted questions to the Scottish Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism who replied that he recognised the importance of patent protection and intellectual property regulation if Scotland votes ‘Yes’.

It is also important to note, that although the vote takes place next week, in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote, Scotland would not become formally Independent until 24th March 2016.  During that time, there would need to be many decisions and polices put in place to map out the IP protection regime for an Independent Scotland.   Please see the attached document for some general guidance or contact Craig Watson on 01224 258 510 or email cwatson@hgf.com to discuss what you may need to consider.

Link to the full document