Requesting a UP - What will it cost?

 To obtain a UP a patentee must file a request for unitary patent protection at the EPO no later than one month after the mention of grant of the patent is published.  This is a shorter deadline that patentees are normally used to for validating the EP patent in EPC states.

The request must include: the name of the requester, the number of the European patent to which unitary effect is to be attributed, and information about the representative, and (for a transitional period) a full English translation if the patent is granted in French or German, or a full translation into any language of the EU if the patent has been granted in English.  During this transitional period, the requirement to provide a full translation could be an additional cost for many patentees.  It is not thought that the EPO will charge a fee for validation of a UP – but this hasn’t been confirmed.

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