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Our dedicated group is focused on securing intellectual property rights both in the UK and overseas on behalf of our clients. Designed to help you secure your intellectual property rights, our trade mark service ensures that whether you need somebody to take over the management of existing trade mark portfolios or you're just seeking advice to build an IP protection strategy around your brand or design of a product, our team has the expertise to help you get your intellectual property rights protected.

Trade marks are one of the key assets of your business, distinguishing it from others and forming an “attractive force which brings in custom". It is vital for any business that its brands are secured. So how can you enforce that protection? At HGF, we'll not only help you, search for, and protect your trade mark, but we'll also provide you with a whole host of integrated services to help you make the most of the value in your brand. 

As experts in the field of trade mark law and litigation, we're able to advise strategic planning operations on a national and global basis for all IP assets, and to manage and monitor your IP portfolio to make it as cost-effective and beneficial as possible for your business. We understand that branding is a key part of any client's business and reputation, and with attorneys dedicating time to ensuring the impact of social and digital media on your brand we can work towards efficient IP and brand strategies from the moment we start working with you.

Our everyday work with a client's trade mark portfolio can include a range of tasks, and throughout the process we give clients access to their portfolio via a secure in-house system to ensure everything we do is transparent and clear for you. We manage coordinating foreign filing programs on your behalf, annual health checks on every portfolio to ensure that the potential for each trade mark is maximised, and also offer an on-going trade mark intelligence program to protect against attacks on vulnerable portfolios. 

Through HGF's many dedicated service and sector teams we also offer services such as the handling of internet and domain name issues, as well as providing help and advice on copyright and registering and enforcing design rights.