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HGF has a team of experienced trade mark and patent attorneys specialising in oppositions and appeals with a proven track record.  The firm is involved with all aspects of complex and high-value oppositions.

When either defending or opposing a patent or trade mark right, we understand the commercial value of that right, and make preparation and detailed understanding of the facts a key priority. We can draw on our in-depth knowledge of the opposition system, strategic judgement and technical background, and work with you to achieve your goal.

Prior to launching an appeal, HGF will undertake a thorough investigation into the opposition or defence to evaluate the client’s position and discuss the client’s objectives, attitude to risk, the strategic direction the case should take, and the budget.


To develop strong opposition and appeals cases our partners use a combination of experience, patent knowledge and commercial acumen, as well as understanding of the product and market they are working in. Knowing how to navigate the complex oppositions and appeals process at the EPO is vital to gaining maximum advantage to clients, using strategic thinking and advocacy skills to meet client objectives.

With our broad ranging knowledge base we can provide the right expertise to match the subject matter and issues in question. Our team visits both Munich and The Hague every year, presenting cases before the Opposition Division and the Board of Appeal of the EPO.

Trade Marks

We also have extensive experience carrying out appeals to the United Kingdom Trade Mark Registry and through the Boards of Appeal before OHIM. We also have the capability of filing appeals to the High Court and ultimately to the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Not only can our trade marks team apply decades of legal experience in prosecuting and dealing with the oppositions and appeals, but also the high level of commercial acumen needed to handle these processes. Deciding whether to prosecute or defend an opposition or appeal, and how to manage the process, is not simply a matter of whether you will win or lose, but whether the likely outcome will fulfil your commercial aims.

Oppositions and appeals often lead to negotiations, helping to achieve your commercial aims. We are experienced in procedural matters and dedicated to achieving your aims in any negotiated settlement.