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Graphene is often touted as the material of the future - a technology set to cause revolutions in manufacturing, electronics, data storage, solar power and more. But in this exciting time of innovation and transition, it becomes more important than ever to protect your intellectual property, ensure your patents are working as hard as possible, and stay informed about the latest challenges and opportunities. HGF's dedicated graphene team work with inventors and businesses at every level to provide strategic, commercially-focused legal advice and support. From filing patents to developing a robust IP strategy to fortify your business's vision for the future, we provide expert help every step of the way - from attorneys who understand both the technology and the legal climate.

HGF offers a complete and integrated approach to commercial IP management, providing both expert legal representation and a host of support services designed to strengthen our clients' portfolios and long-term strategies. Our expertise in litigation, IP law and technology transfer is underpinned by an academic understanding of the history and applications of graphene.

In 2013, the European Union announced a €1 billion investment in graphene research and development over the next ten years. This is certainly an exciting development for scientists and businesses working in the sphere - but it also means it's becoming ever more crucial to ensure your intellectual property is properly registered, protected and enforced in order to fully realise the commercial potential of your innovations. HGF's fully-integrated service means you will work with a team of people who understand the industry and the technology behind it, ensuring that all your advice and representation comes from those who are among the very best in the field.

We are proud of the fact that we employ senior attorneys who have degrees and postgraduate qualifications in disciplines that are relevant to their practice: we think this is one of the reasons we achieve such consistently positive outcomes for our clients.