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The food and drink industry calls for a range of specialists to fully understand what takes each product from original conception to product launch and beyond. At HGF, we offer one of the UK's largest teams of dedicated food and drink attorneys to provide strategic legal support to keep your IP protected and well managed.

Our team works with food businesses at every level, from start-ups to established international household brands. Whether you are seeking to clear a new food or drink brand of use, have patentable products or processes, need to enforce your rights against a competitor, or require a team to work alongside your people to develop a new IP strategy that gets the most from your IP, we can offer what we believe to be a truly unrivalled service.

HGF offers an integrated approach to commercial IP management, ensuring our clients don't just have the best representation, but also a full suite of services to make the most of their intellectual property. Our food and drink team draw from skills in a diverse range of specialist areas, including trade mark searching and brand clearance, brand protection, chemistry, engineering and design protection. These skills mean we can advise on every aspect of branding and innovation in the food industry.

HGF specialises in the following food and drink areas:

  • Brand clearance and protection
  • Infringement and lookalikes 
  • Advertising standards 
  • Comparative advertising
  • Licencing
  • Supply chain control
  • Selective distribution agreements
  • Patents in the field of food technology such as neutraceuticals and sports nutrition
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Disputes
  • Litigation

IP protection is vital in the food and drinks industry, as any producer knows – the market is competitive and conflicts are commonplace. Launching a new product requires significant investment, making it important to manage the risk posed by the IP rights of others. Equally important is the need to protect an existing brand to ensure its continuing integrity in a competitive marketplace. In addition, protection of manufacturing techniques can generate significant commercial value. HGF offers a fully-integrated service with a team of people who know the industry and who can make strategic recommendations about your intellectual property - all designed to ensure your IP strategy is working to your advantage.

At HGF you will have access to attorneys with extensive experience in the food and drink field, who are well-versed in intellectual property as it applies to your sector. All of our professionals have carried out legal work in the food and drink industry across the UK and internationally.

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