Rudolf Erhardt Sachs

European Patent Attorney

Rudolf started in 1996 working in the IP business. His experience covers a wide field of technologies, spanning from aerospace, automotive and semiconductor technology to musical instruments. He specialises in patent search, drafting and prosecution, as well as opposition procedures.

Rudolf joined a larger Munich-area IP firm in 1996 as a patent engineer and IP search specialist. After training and qualifying as a European Patent Attorney in 2005 and German patent attorney (Patentanwalt) in 2007, and registering as European Trademark and Design Attorney, he run an office in private practice, and free-lanced with several German IP firms. Rudolf joined the predecessor firm of HGF Europe LLP, in 2018, in continuation of a long-standing business relationship with their partners.

Rudolf graduated in mechanical engineering with a top-tier German technical university, finalizing his thesis in cooperation with the federal aerospace research center DLR. His technical interest and experience covers a wide field of technologies all over mechanical and electrical, construction and processing, energy and telecommunications, medical and physical engineering.

Rudolf’s work approach is fact-oriented, diligent and analytical. He is dedicated to an in-depth understanding of clients’s needs and technological impact, as well as legal implications.

Rudolf is a member of the German society of IP and copyrights GRUR, the Bayerischer Patentanwaltsverein, and the German aerospace association DGLR.