Olivia Johansson

Patent Director

Olivia is a Chartered and European Patent Attorney who advises technology businesses on the protection and exploitation of IP, in particularly in the fields of physics, electronics and computer implemented inventions. She enjoys working with companies to help them identify their IP, secure protection and understand how they can use it effectively within their businesses.

Olivia has worked with many companies that are new to patents but also has experience of managing large worldwide patent portfolios for global businesses with established IP practices. She has considerable experience of drafting and prosecuting patents for inventions in the field of physics, electronics, telecommunication and computer implemented inventions. She enjoys starting out on what appears to be a complex invention or set of circumstances and working with the client to establish exactly what the invention is and what to protect and the best strategy for obtaining the desired protection, always taking into account the importance of the invention to the business.  Olivia has a deep understanding of the practical realities of using the UK Patent Box regime and significant experience of helping companies take advantage of IP tax regimes. She has worked with several companies, particularly in the software field, to help them identify patentable inventions and significantly grow their patent portfolios.

Olivia started her career in patents in 2003 in a patent attorney firm in the city of London, where her work included drafting and prosecuting patent applications for a large range of companies, from start-ups in the renewal energy sector to global telecommunication companies, handling worldwide patent portfolios and advising on infringement and validity issues.

She left patent private practice in 2012 to help set up a Patent Box group within the innovation tax team of a Big 4 accountancy firms, where she acquired knowledge of taxation and valuation of IP and further developed her understanding of the challenges around the protection and exploitation of IP to businesses.  She worked with a wide variety of companies to understand the nature, ownership and management of IP within their businesses, and the revenue they derive from it, often involving many different parts of the businesses, and helped them demonstrate their set of circumstances to HMRC.  After running her own IP consultancy firm for a while, through which she continued the work on the Patent Box while she also returned to other IP advisory work, Olivia joined HGF in 2015.

Olivia has an MSci in Physics from Imperial College and, before training to become a patent attorney, had various programming jobs, including for the health industry and the financial industry. She is particularly interested in computer security, including encryption, space and satellite technology, computer memory and renewable energy and sustainability.  Olivia speaks Swedish fluently and has worked with many Scandinavian companies. 

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