Nigel Sanderson


Nigel’s practice is balanced between chemistry and mechanical and engineering subject matter. Nigel has particular experience in organic and pharmaceutical chemistry including pharmaceutical formulations and over-the-counter (non-prescription) medicines, together with fast moving consumer goods such as hard surface cleaners, laundry products, depilatories and air fresheners. Nigel also deals extensively with consumer electrical appliances, packaging, offshore engineering technologies such as wind turbines and articulated vehicle tracks. 

Nigel particularly enjoys working with small and medium sized clients. He also works extensively with larger companies and patent attorneys outside the UK. Nigel specialises in assisting clients to build and pro-actively manage and exploit effective patent portfolios.

Nigel graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in Chemistry after which he entered the profession with a private firm in Leeds, where he qualified in 1993. Nigel took the opportunity in 1995 of joining the patents group of a major UK based multinational, as Deputy Head of the group. In 1998, Nigel moved to one of the larger UK law firms and in addition to patent prosecution, was heavily involved in IP litigation support.

In 2000, Nigel joined HGF as a Partner.

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