Laura Mannering

Trainee Patent Attorney

Laura joined HGF in spring 2015. In May 2016 she joined the Engineering department and is working as a secondee for Jaguar Land Rover, specialising in invention harvesting and patent strategy. The previous year Laura was working in the Electronics department, specialising mainly in prosecution for HP and HPE. 

Laura is part way through her 6 month secondment at Jaguar Land Rover working on protecting features in new vehicles that will be released before the end of this year. She also works one day a week in the Leeds Engineering team, working with a range of clients.

Prior to this Laura was working in the Electronics team in Sheffield where her main roles included prosecution and drafting for Hewlett-Packard Company and Hewlett Packard Enterprise with technologies ranging from telecommunications to semi-conductors. 

Laura graduated from Imperial College London with a BSc in Physics. Her final year research project in particle physics involved recording the flux of muon particles. After graduating she moved to Lyon, France. For a year she worked as a self-employed English tutor and worked for a variety of teaching institutes and private clients. 

In the spring of that year Laura joined the Centre de Recherche d'Astrophysique de Lyon, to perform a computational research placement simulating Bremsstrahlung radiation from X-ray binary systems.

Laura then went on to study a Masters at Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon where she was offered the PALSE scholarship for international students with academic excellence. Laura gained experimental experience in Biophysics and nanomaterials and completed a research placement at the Laboratoire de Geologie de Lyon in the Seismology department. In this research placement Laura developed a tomographic inversion programme to produce improved images of the Earth's lithosphere. This is important research for the accurate prediction of lithospheric geodynamics. By her return to England, after 2 years living, working and studying in France Laura had gained fluency in the language.

Laura started as a Trainee Patent Attorney with HGF in the spring of 2015.   

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