Laura Mannering

Trainee Patent Attorney

Laura graduated from Imperial College London with a BSc in Physics. Laura's final year research project in particle physics involved recording the flux of muon particles. After graduating Laura moved to Lyon, France. For a year she worked as a self employed English tutor and worked for a variety of teaching institutes and private clients.

In the spring of that year Laura joined the Centre de Recherche d'Astrophysique de Lyon, to perform a computational research placement simulating Bremsstrahlung radiation from X-ray binary systems.

Laura then went on to study a Masters at Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon where she was offered the PALSE scholarship for international students with academic excellence. Laura gained experimental experience in Biophysics and nanomaterials and completed a research placement at the Laboratoire de Geologie de Lyon in the Seismology department.

In this research placement Laura developed a tomographic inversion programme to produce improved images of the Earth's lithosphere. This is important research for the accurate prediction of lithospheric geodynamics. By her return to England, after 2 years living, working and studying in France Laura had gained fluency in the language.

Laura started as a Trainee Patent Attorney with HGF in March 2015.