Karen Russell

Senior Patent Attorney

Karen’s practice covers a range of biotechnological and biochemical inventions.  She has experience in a number of technical fields, including microbial genetics, expression systems and expression products (such as modified enzymes) novel genes and peptides, and genetic or protein based diagnostics. 

Karen works with a range of clients, including universities, large biotech companies and overseas attorney firms. She has been involved in all aspects of patent work, including drafting and prosecution of patent applications, and providing patentability, infringement and validity advice. She has also acted as a tutor for candidates preparing for their UK and EQE exams.

Karen joined HGF in 2010 having previously spent 10 years elsewhere in private practice in London and Manchester.

Karen has an MA in Natural Sciences and an MPhil in Biotechnology, both from the University of Cambridge. Her MPhil research aimed to investigate the genetic basis for the microbial degradation of cocaine.