Jonathan Couchman


Jonathan’s degree course was primarily in chemistry but also encompassed biology, and his professional work reflects this. Jonathan’s practice is principally in pharmaceuticals, including both small molecules and biologicals, as well as more widely in organic chemistry and the interface between chemistry and biology. Clients in other technologies also value Jonathan’s aggressive approach to protecting their rights and his successful record in protecting inventions at the margins of patentability. 

The cornerstone of Jonathan’s practice is the pharmaceutical industry, where Jonathan’s clients include a top ten major and two smaller European companies, one a formulations development company and the other a university spin out whose technology is in the field of biologicals and synthetic peptides. Outside the company sector, Jonathan’s clients include a renowned London research institute with innovative vaccine technology.

Jonathan with colleagues has developed a team of medicinal chemistry and biotechnology professionals at HGF to handle the growing workload from the pharma sector, which includes drafting and prosecution of patent applications for new chemical and biological entities, uses and formulations as well as due diligence work, and FTO and validity opinions. Jonathan’s consultancy work has included advising in relation to patent defence of one of the global top 20 prescription drugs. Jonathan’s current workload has a particular focus on vaccines, multiparticulate pharmaceutical formulations and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Outside the pure pharmaceutical field, Jonathan’s practice includes organic chemistry, for example reagents and processes for chiral and other syntheses, cell culture media, process technology, nanotechnology and research tools in particular relating to analysis and processing of nucleic acids, proteins and cells. Jonathan’s experience in nanotechnology outside pharma includes carbon nanotubes, metallic nanoparticles and in particular nanoparticle inks, and sub-micron polymer particles.

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